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About Upward Assets



Upward Assets is located in Oklahoma City, OK. We are a family run and owned business that’s committed to ensuring the highest level of customer care. Our goal is to resolve and provide IT disposition and mobile device recycling services to corporations, K-12, and State/Federal Agencies.

Our Mission

To furnish the highest rate of return on investment while providing a customized solution for your ITAD and mobile device needs so the focus always stays on your core business.

Data security and sanitization is at the core of our businness with serialized certification to ensure no usable residual data. Upward Assets ensures an absolute-zero landfill policy and zero e-waste export.


Average Return On Investment


Average Savings (3 yr ITAD Plan)


Secure Corporate, State, & Fed Compliance

What is ITAD?

IT asset disposition allows companies and organizations to dispose of their unwanted, out of date, or surplus IT/office/mobility and general electronic equipment in a secure and environmentally sound way while providing a significant return on their investment. It is commonly used after equipment upgrades, data center tear down for cloud implementation or periodically based on the equipments standard life cycle.

How does ITAD work?

The following steps will form the basis of most ITAD plans:

Deinstallation and collection of equipment

Inventory and separate equipment of value vs obsolete

Destruction and Data Sanitization

Asset remarketing for the non-obsolete assets

Asset disposal and recycling for the obsolete

Is there e-waste or IT assets you don't accept?

Since Upward Assets is primarily a IT Asset Disposition focused company, we do not generally receive equipment classified as e-waste. That being said, we do not accept the following:

  • Bio-hazardous materials, light bulbs, luminous bulbs, lamps, nickel cadmium batteries, fluids, general waste, heavy leaded materials – X-Ray vests (non-electronics), and non-wet lead acid batteries.
What types of IT equipment do you buy?

Upward Assets buys all types of IT Equipment that have value. Smart phones, tablets, Fleet mobility devices, Data center equipment, desktop computers, Chromebooks, Laptops, servers, networking equipment, telephone systems, and other equipment and/or devices being taken out of service. 

Does Upward Assets offer on-site de-installations?

Absolutely. Our professional techs are trained and experienced in the proper decommissioning of a multitude of IT infrastructures. From large scale data centers to small business networks. We assure a streamlined and stress free end to end ITAD service.

What about the logistics of our IT assets?

We are dedicated to providing end to end stress free ITAD services. The secure and efficient packing and transportation of your IT assets is performed by our logistics team and our white glove logistics provider partnerships. We provide chain of custody documentation and equipment tracking.

What is ITAD Value Recovery?

Many unwanted and obsolete technology assets have remaining use and value, so our first priority is to help you recover some of your investment in these assets. Our extensive ITAD experience and network of partners means we can provide higher values than the industry standard.

What is data sanitization/erasure?

Data sanitization is the process of permanantly and irreversibly removing or destroying the data stored on hard drives or other media storage devices. For SCSI, SATA, SAS, HDD and Solid State storage devices, Upward Assets utilizes innovative data sanitization technology that complies with ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DDS, SOX and other regulatory standards.

Data sanitization or destruction?

Companies often struggle with this. Is data erasure safe versus data destruction?

Data erasure is becoming the preferred option as efforts to refresh equipment in the most environmentally responsible way becomes a top priority in the IT industry.

Can my company use ITAD for our surplus of smart phone and tablets?

Absolutely. Upward Assets is an industry leader in the disposition and value recovery of endpoint devices. Company cell phones and mobility devices like tablets are at the greatest risk of data breach while being largely responsible for the ecological impact of e-waste. The EPA estimates that 350,000 mobile phones were dumped every day in 2010. That adds up to over 152 million phones a year. Can you imagine what the number is now?

Are BIOS, admin, or firmware passwords required for ITAD?

While it’s not a requirement, firmware locks make it more difficult for us to analyze the assets and wipe the data containing drives for re-marketing. This reduces the likelihood of any value recovery for you.